Cake Plus-Size Resale Founder Cat Polivoda Shares Her Experience Writing a Memoir

My Founder Story’s business memoir writing workshop to supports women business owners in sharing the story of their entrepreneurial journey in a book. The program was designed for purpose-driven businesses interested in taking their story to the next level and amplifying their mission. Several founders are currently going through the process of writing their memoir, including Cat Polivoda, founder of Cake Plus-Size Resale.

Cake is a body-positive plus-size thrift shop in Minneapolis, Minnesota. It’s one of a growing number of resale stores disrupting the industry. Most retail brands don’t offer sizes above a women’s size 14, despite the fact that plus-size womxn represent nearly 70 percent of shoppers. Finding fashion that fits is a challenge for many women—but especially for environmentally and budget-conscious plus-size shoppers. Cat is on a mission to change that. But making plus-size fashion more accessible and affordable is just one of her goals. She’s also creating a community centered around radical self-love and size acceptance.

In exchange for participation in the multi-week workshop, Cat is sharing her experience on Instagram. She hopes connecting with her followers throughout the process will help keep her on track and accountable. She may even share some of what she writes along the way. Like all of the workshop participants, Cat is committed to writing two or more chapters each week—a process that begins during group sessions and continues on her own. While it requires a serious commitment, Cat is goals-driven and up for the challenge. “It is an adventure and a task that I’m really excited to undertake,” she said.

To see what Cat discovers as she outlines and writes her book, check out her latest video on Instagram and follow her at @catpolivoda.

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Photo: Cake Plus-Size Resale

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