Gifts for Moms Guide

This Mother’s Day, treat yourself and someone you love to a gift (or gifts) from a woman-owned small business. Don’t wait! Special offers end soon!

  1. Oriane Rachel Pajamas: $30; 20% off your entire online order with code NEW20. ShopOriane.com
  2. B+D Custom Crafts Stemless Wine Glass with Monogram: $12. BDCustomCrafts.com
  3. ThisFem MnFem Faded Maroon Worn Crew: $65; $10 off with code FOUNDER. ThisFem.com
  4. Wandrous Crane Bud Vase: $26; $6 off May 1-10. WondrousCrane.com
  5. Junita’s Jar Cookies (6 3-ounce Snack Packs): $21; free shipping. JunitasJar.com
  6. De Nova Luxury Robe: $108; 20% off with code BETTERTOGETHER through May 4. MyDeNova.com
  7. Jac & Violet Featured Collection Earrings: $50-$75; 15% off your entire online order with code MYFOUNDERMOM through May 31. JacAndViolet.com
  8. Spruce Flowers & Home Foxtail Fern and 6-Inch Fritz Pot: $34. SpruceMN.com

More Women-Owned Businesses


TWIN CITIES TRAPEZE CENTER: A Minnesota-based trapeze school that encourages people to pursue their passions and step out of their comfort zone; founded by Katie Kimball. TwinCitiesTrapeze.com


BEAUTYCOUNTER: A Santa Monica, California-based cosmetics and skincare company offering products free of all toxic chemicals; founded by Gregg Renfrew. Beautycounter.com

BILLIE: A New York-based subscription service offering razors built for womankind, Billie is dedicated to putting an end to the pink tax; founded by Georgina Gooley. MyBillie.com

KREYÒL ESSENCE: A Florida-based social enterprise committed to creating ethical beauty products formulated especially for dry hair and skin, made with all-natural ingredients naturally harvested by farmers in Haiti; founded by Yve-Car Momperousse. KreyolEssence.com

SHEA YELEEN: A Washington, DC-based social enterprise offering shea butter products and financially empowering women in Africa by providing them with living wage jobs; founded by Rahama Wright. SheaYeleen.com

STELLER HAIR COMPANY: A Minnesota-based salon that seeks to serve every person and creates an atmosphere and experience for its clients, employees and broader community; founded by Katie Steller. StellerHair.com

WHITE AND ELM: A Colorado-based socially responsible organic beauty company and certified B Corporation on a mission to create skincare products that are good for people and the environment; founded by Sherelle Reed. WhiteAndElm.com


THE BUSINESS WOMEN’S CIRCLE: A Minnesota-based professional development group that brings like-minded women together to talk business, leadership and life; founded by Lani Basa. TheBWC.org

THE COVEN: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based coworking space and community for women and binary individuals; founded by Alex West Steinman, Bethany Iverson, Erin Farrell and Liz Giel. TheCoven.com

LADIES WHO SHRED: An online and in-person community that builds confidence and shatters perceptions of women who participate in outdoor sports; founded by Amy Cullen. LadiesWhoShred.com

MODERNWELL: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based women’s coworking space and writing community that emphasizes wellness and balance; founded by Julie Burton. ModernWell.co

THE RIVETER: An Seattle, Washington-based coworking space built by women for everyone, with locations throughout the U.S.; founded by Ann Nelson. TheRiveter.co


AFRICA ON MY BACK: A social enterprise that brings authentic, durable and lightweight Kente-print backpacks and accessories from artisanal markets in Ghana, West Africa to the rest of world; founded by Shanette Prince. AfricaOnMyBack.com

B. RESALE: A Minnesota-based eco-fashion boutique that sells used and locally made goods to help keep clothes out of landfills and provides a safe shopping environment for all; founded by Allison Bross-White. bResale.com

BAGGU: Reusable ripstop nylon shopping bags designed to decrease single use plastic clogging up landfills and oceans; founded by Emily and Joan Sugihara. BAGGU.com

BAUBLES AND BOBBIES: A Minnesota-based social enterprise and jewelry company that aims to make women feel like a “badass goddess” while supporting the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota; founded by Ginger Neilon. BaublesandBobbies.com

BRAVE SOLES: A conscious lifestyle fashion company offering shoes and accessories handcrafted from leather and upcycled tires and providing employment opportunities for those in need. BraveSoles.life

FAIR ANITA: A social enterprise offering trendy and affordable jewelry and accessories made by talented yet marginalized women in developing countries; founded by Joy McBrien. FairAnita.com

FREELY PROJECT: A social enterprise dedicated to supporting homeless and marginalized youth in the U.S. though the sales of Freely Project tees and accessories; founded by Lizzy Madrigal. FreelyProject.com

HARPER WILDE: A try before you buy, at home bra shopping experience that removes the middle man (because why are men running the bra industry anyway?); founded by Jenna Kerner and Jane Fisher. HarperWilde.com

LADORU: A New York-based clothing brand that encourages women to transform their lives and the world around them through products that share messages of purpose, transformation and vulnerability; founded by Leanne Aranador. Ladoru.com

OCEAN AND MAIN: A Los Angeles, California-based clothing company offering beautiful limited design caftans made from recycled unused fabric and with zero water; founded by Mary Price. OceanAndMain.com

PHENOMENAL WOMAN CAMPAIGN: Statement T-shirts benefiting five women-focused organizations—the Dr. Maya Angelou Foundation, Essie for Justice, Girls Who Code, Higher Heights, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and Planned Parenthood; founded by Meena Harris. PhenomenalWoman.us

TOGETHER THE LABEL: A Toronto-based social enterprise empowering homeless youth by employing them to create “Together the Label” jackets and other unique products, and donating a portion of the proceeds to other initiatives that serve them; founded by Chelsea Schuringa. TogetherTheLabel.com

UNIVERSAL STANDARD: A new kind of clothing company that empowers a size 26 woman to shop in the same way as a size 6 woman—using style as her only filter; founded by Polina Veksler and Alexandra Waldman. UniversalStandard.com

URBAN UNDERCOVER: A Minnesota-based apparel company specializing in beautiful, comfortable travel wear that inspires confidence; founded by Sairey Gernes. UrbanUndercover.com

WILDFANG: A clothing company that started with the “radical” belief that a womxn has the right to wear whatever the hell she wants and be whoever the hell she wants; founded by Emma Mcilroy. Wildfang.com


ALL SQUARE: A Minnesota-based nonprofit social enterprise that cultivates leadership by investing in formerly incarcerated individuals through a restaurant and professional development institute; founded by Emily Hunt Turner. AllSquareMpls.com

BARBETTE: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based restaurant serving French brasserie food with locally and sustainably farmed ingredients; founded by Kim Bartmann. Barbette.com

THE BIRD: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based daytime restaurant serving some of the best breakfast and lunch in the city; founded by Kim Bartmann. TheBirdMpls.rocks

BOOK CLUB: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based restaurant offering California-fusion fare along with beer, wine and craft cocktails; founded by Kim Bartmann. BookClubRestaurant.com

BREAD AND PICKLE: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based summertime concession stand adjacent to the Lake Harriet Bandshell serving grass-fed burgers, sandwiches, popcorn, icecream, beer and wine; founded by Kim Bartmann. BreadAndPickle.com

GIGI’S CAFE: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based bakery and cafe making everything from scratch, including ice cream, sherbet and sorbet in the summer; founded by Kim Bartmann. GigisUptown.com

LÄRABAR: A real-food snacks company that combines simple ingredients to create a food product that’s tasty, wholesome and convenient; founded by Lara Merriken. Larabar.com

ME & THE BEES LEMONADE: A Texas-based lemonade company that uses a portion of proceeds to fund nonprofits dedicated to bee preservation and education; founded by Mikaila Ulmer. MeAndTheBees.com

PAT’S TAP: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based gastropub featuring 18 local tap beers, craft cocktails and food that complements the beverages; founded by Kim Bartmann. PatsTap.com

RED STAG SUPPERCLUB: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based restaurant serving modern supperclub fair, classic cocktails, beer and wine; founded by Kim Bartmann. RedStagSupperclub.com

SIREN SNACKS: San Francisco, California-based snack company that creates delicious bite-sized treats using only vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients, plus the added boost of plant-based protein; founded by sisters Elizabeth and Abby Giannussi. SirenSnacks.com

SWEET MARTHA’S COOKIE JAR: A Minnesota-based chocolate chip cookie company that thrills fair-goers at the annual Minnesota State Fair, and also offers frozen cookie dough via grocers across the state; founded by Martha Rossini Olson. SweetMarthas.com

THUMBS COOKIES: A Minnesota-based cookie company that celebrates love and family history with tiny cookies; founded by Robyn Frank. ThumbsCookies.com 

TINY DINER: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based restaurant showcasing biointensive urban farming methods along with delicious food, beer and wine inspired by different American cities and their hometown diners; founded by Kim Bartmann. TinyDiner.com

TRAPEZE: A one-of-a-kind bubbles bar and party space next to Barbette in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a focus on sparkling wines; founded by Kim Bartmann. Barbette.com/Trapeze

TWIN SPIRITS DISTILLERY: Minneapolis, Minnesota-based distillery serving spirits made in-house with creative ingredients in cozy, industrial surroundings; founded by Michelle Winchester. TwinSpirits.us

YOGA POPS: A better-for-you snack is inspired by Ayurveda, a holistic sister science and philosophy of yoga, Yoga Pops are hand-roasted Asian water lily seeds, spiced and packaged in small batches in Minnesota; founded by Nalini Mehta and Anita Balakrishnan. YogaPops.bigcartel.com


ORANGETHEORY FITNESS: A Florida-based fitness franchise that offers science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workouts designed to produce results from the inside out; founded by Ellen Lathan. OrangetheoryFitness.com

SUPERSTRONGCHICK: A Minnesota-based health and wellness coach who empowers women experiencing obesity-related issues to love themselves while achieving better health and wellness and discovering their best life; founded by Carrie Boe. SuperStrongChick.com

WOMEN RAISING THE BAR: A Minnesota-based online fitness coach helping busy driven women regain energy and feel strong AF in only 3 workouts a week; founded by Lindsey Beth. Instagram.com/CoachLindseyBeth

XO-ERICA: A Minnesota-based fitness coach helping moms create a strong body + mind + spirit; founded by Erica Hoese. XO-Erica.com


GIRLS ARE POWERFUL: A Minnesota-based organization that empowers girls to foster strength of character through educational workshops and special events; founded by Shawntan Howell. GirlsArePowerful.org

GIRLS WHO CODE: A New York-based organization on a mission to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does. GirlsWhoCode.com

MALALA FUND: A Pennsylvania-based organization that empowers girls from Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Nigeria, Syria and Pakistan through advocacy, storytelling and entrepreneurship; founded by Shiza Shahid. Malala.org 


ALTA EVENTS/POSIES AND POISE: A Minnesota-based full-service event planning company that helps clients with everything from professional meetings and conferences to celebratory events; founded by Emmy Ross. PosiesAndPoise.com

THE CREATIVE’S COUNSEL: A Minnesota-based law firm that specializes in serving small businesses in the creative space, making legal services approach and affordable so clients can focus on creating; founded by Wynne Reece. Reece-Law.com/CreativesCounsel

COVEY EVENTS: A Minnesota-based boutique events business that partners with organizations to bring their brand and mission to life through meaningful experiences; founded by Dre Barthel. CoveyEvents.com

CULTUREBROKERS: A Minnesota-based consultancy that partners with businesses, nonprofits and government organizations to help them get immediate, measurable and valuable results from their diversity, inclusion and equity efforts; founded by Lisa Tabor. CultureBrokers.com

THE ENTREPRENISTA: A Florida-based business coach and consultant to women-owned businesses who uses her personal experiences to empower her clients; founded by Lena Graham-Morris. IAmEntreprenista.com

EVO COMMUNICATIONS: A Minnesota-based virtual firm of independent corporate communicators; founded by Amy Spencer. EvoCommunications.com

INSPIRATIONSQRD: A Minnesota-based company that supports individuals in renewing their own professional and personal growth through the rediscovery of their authentic voice, true aspirations, and story; founded by Erin Duffy. InspirationSQRD.com

KERI BISCHOFF CONSULTING: A Minnesota-based consultancy that empowers individuals and teams for innovative growth through The Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment; founded by Keri Bischoff. KeriBischoff.com

LEBENS ADVISORY GROUP: A Minnesota-based HR management and financial services consultancy that specializes in creating and managing customized employee benefit packages for small to mid-sized businesses; founded by Sara Lebens. LebensAdvisoryGroup.com

LINX WORKFORCE INNOVATIONS: A Minnesota based company that helps organizations improve their employee experience to attract and retain top talent; founded by Marilyn Weiss and Cindy Blackstock. LINXWorkForce.com

MN BRANDS FOR GOOD: A Minnesota-based fundraising company dedicated to improving the quality of products offered through fundraisers while supporting Minnesota-based companies; founded by Andrea “AJ” Zimmer and Gina Moore. MNBrandsForGood.com

MY SOCIAL DRIVE: A Minnesota-based marketing company dedicated to helping mission-driven businesses through digital marketing and website design services; founded by Lucy Stange. MySocialDrive.com

PAM BORTON PARTNERS: A Minnesota-based consultancy that helps business leaders perform at a higher level so they can support their teams in doing the same; founded by Pam Borton. PamBortonPartners.com

PIXIE DUST, INC.: A Minnesota-based executive search firm specializing in supporting creative agencies and marketers looking for leaders who can champion new ways of thinking; founded by Laura Keller and Ashley Mehbod. PixieDustInc.com.

SARA SCHULTZ, LLC: A Minnesota-based brand designer, creative director and community builder helping business owners and brands curate ideas, create a beautiful business and captivate the perfect clients; founded by Sara Schultz. SaraSchultz.co

SIVO INSIGHTS: A Minnesota-based company that specializes in connecting directly with consumers to gain valuable insights on products and services, and transforms those findings into business solutions; founded by Marilyn Weiss and Cindy Blackstock. SIVOInsights.com

SLEEP HEALTH SPECIALISTS: A Minnesota-based consultancy that partners with business owners and corporations to educate their workforce about sleep health; founded by Sarah Moe. SleepHS.com

SHESTYLE: A Minnesota-based organization dedicated to supporting women at varying stages of career transition; founded by Tracey Pleschourt. SheStyle.co

SHIFT AND SPARK: A Minnesota-based company that helps women shift their mindsets and spark new ideas by helping them achieve their personal and professional goals; founded by Linda Heath and Kathy Engen. ShiftAndSpark.com

SIDEWALK DOG MEDIA: A Minnesota-based online directory connecting dog owners with dog-friendly restaurants, breweries, apartments, workspaces and more in the Twin Cities, Chicago, Denver and Seattle; founded by Ali Jarvis. SidewalkDog.com

STELLER HAIR COMPANY: A Minnesota-based salon that seeks to serve every person and creates an atmosphere and experience for its clients, employees and broader community; founded by Katie Steller. StellerHair.com

TWO BETTYS GREEN CLEANING SERVICE: A Minnesota-based, eco-friendly green cleaning service that services residential and small commercial clients; founded by Anna Tsantir. TwoBettysClean.com

WOMEN ON POINT: A Minnesota-based organization dedicated to professional development and networking for top-performing professional women; founded by Sara Lebens, Pam Borton and Aimee Cohen. WomenONPointLeadership.com


KITCHEN TABLE APP: An easy-to-use app that enables users to connect with friends, neighbors and newcomers and gather around the table to share food, drinks and make meaningful connections; founded by Kelly Browne. KitchenTableApp.com

ŌMCARE: A Minnesota-based health technology company focused on enabling care in the home so that seniors can age in place while maintaining optimal health and well-being; founded by Lisa Lavin. Omcare.com

PEANUT APP: An app that is connecting over 300,000 like-minded mamas and counting, and makes it easy for them to message and meet up; founded by Michelle Kennedy. Peanut-App.io

PETCHATZ: A Minnesota-based company that provides technology enabling pet owners to monitor and interact with their pets while away from home; founded by Lisa Lavin. PetChatz.com

SIDEWALK DOG MEDIA: A Minnesota-based online directory connecting dog owners with dog-friendly restaurants, breweries, apartments, workspaces and more in the Twin Cities, Chicago, Denver and Seattle; founded by Ali Jarvis. SidewalkDog.com

UNCHARTED POWER: A New York-based full-service power infrastructure technology company that builds, owns and operates power infrastructures that provide communities with clean, low-cost energy; founded by Jessica Matthews. u-pwr.co