#ChooseWomen Shopping Guide

B+D Custom Crafts | Founded by Brittany and Debbie Travis

B+D Custom Crafts is a custom gift company that helps women rediscover the joy of personalized gifting. BDCustomCrafts.com

The Beez Kneez | Founded by Kristy Allen

The Beez Kneez is a Minneapolis-based social enterprise working to “Revive the Hive for Healthy Bees, Healthy Lives.”  TheBeezKneezDelivery.com

Beyonds Words Co. | Founded by Catherine Hinz

Beyond Words Co. offers care packages that are both practical and beautiful to support those experiencing grief, loss, or difficult life transitions. BeyondWordsCo.com

City Girl Coffee Co. | Founded by Alyza Bohbot James

City Girl Coffee is small-batch roasted specialty coffee on a mission to support women coffee growers around the globe by providing access to finances, education and business resources. CityGirlCoffee.com

Essence One | Founded by Lauren VanScoy

Essence One supports healthy minds and healthy lifestyles through aromatherapy with a portion of proceeds benefiting mental health clubs in Minnesota high schools. EssenceOne.life

Excelsior Candle Co. | Founded by Heidi Mueller

Excelsior Candle Co. was born of the belief that the right fragrance can make everyday moments feel extraordinary. ExcelsiorCandleCo.com

Feminist Book Club | Founded by Renee Powers

Feminist Book Club is an intersectional monthly subscription box that pairs feminist books with products from woman-owned businesses, donating 5% to charity with each purchase. FeministBookClub.com

Grace Gear | Founded by Karla Heeter

Grace Gear was created to share God’s grace through extraordinary tools of faith including beautifully custom-designed Bibles worthy of a place on your coffee table. GraceGear.shop

Flip’em the Bird, Inc. | Founded by Susie Moschkau

Flip’em the Bird is a Minnesota-based female-owned accessory company. FlipEmTheBird.com

Hagen and Oats | Founded by Anna Hagen and Nikki Hollerich

Hagen and Oats is a custom wood signage and decor company specializing in scroll saw art. HagenAndOats.com

Her Spirit Vodka | Founded by Kjersten Merila

Her Spirit Vodka is a gold-medal-winning vodka that is fiercely determined to empower women in business by giving 50% of its profits back to a Minnesota woman entrepreneur each year. HerSpiritVodka.com

Honey and Rye | Founded by Anne Andrus

Honey and Rye is a St. Louis Park, Minnesota-based bakery focusing on local and sustainable sourcing, featuring artisan breads and pastries baked fresh in-house and locally roasted coffee. Honey-And-Rye.com

Isadore Nut Co. | Founded by Tasya Kelen

Isadore Nut Co. features organic and premium nuts, roasted by hand in small batches by people passionate about artisan products. IsadoreNutCo.com

Jenson Natural Jewelry | Founded by Kristine Jenson

Jenson Natural Jewelry is a heart-centered, philanthropic-driven business making necklaces and bracelets with the highest-quality natural stones. JensonNaturalJewelry.com

Junita’s Jar | Founded by Junita Flowers

Junita’s Jar is a social enterprise on a mission to bake hope into every cookie purchase, helping women live their best lives. JunitasJar.com

KISA Boutique | Founded by Emily Kisa

KISA Boutique features styled workwear and artisan goods. KISAOfficial.com

K Kay Designs | Founded by Kirstin Showell

K Kay Designs is a jewelry company with a passion for social good, creating meaningful artisan jewelry with a story to inspire and empower women. KKayDesigns.com

Lauren Virginia Design | Founded by Lauren Golias

Lauren Virginia Design creates handcrafted and upcycled leather jewelry and accessories. Etsy.com/Shop/LaurenVirginiaDesign

Leonetti Confetti | Founded by Kylee Leonetti

Leonetti Confetti’s handmade confetti products provide economic opportunities to women in recovery. Etsy.com/LeonettiConfetti

LOLLiDALE | Founded by Amber Filip

LOLLiDALE is a Minnesota-based company created to help celebrate and support friends and family in a fun and practical way. LOLLiDALE.com

MEND Jewelry | Founded by Jordyn DiOrio

MEND Jewelry connects natural gemstones and crystals to women through simply designed jewelry. MENDJewelry.com

Santosha Co. | Founded by Ashlee Assadi

Santosha Co. is an organic and sustainably foraged skincare company using hydrosols and essential oils from Northern Wisconsin. Santosha.co

Sebesta Apothecary | Founded by Kim Sebesta

Sebesta Apothecary is an all-natural and eco-friendly bath and body product company in Northeast Minneapolis. SebestaApothocary.com

SorBabes | Founded by Nicole Cordone and Deborah Gorman

SorBabes is the maker of plant-based frozen desserts created from nut butters and real fruit. SorBabes.com

She She | Founded by Kate Worum and Jennifer Jorgensen

She She is a print and pattern studio that creates custom hand-painted and printed wallpaper, surface designs and furnishings. BySheShe.com

Spoonful Apparel | Founded by Susan Elwer

Spoonful creates apparel with inspiring messages and donates 50% of the profits to organizations that are working to end child hunger in the U.S. SpoonfulApparel.com

ThisFem | Founded Sara Schultz

ThisFem believes everyone can be a feminist and equality is a no-brainer, and uses high-quality, locally designed and made apparel as a tool to share its mission. ThisFem.com

TowelTopper | Founded by Sairey Gernes

TowelTopper is a packable towel band that keeps your towel secure around your body or on your lounge chair; a portion of the proceeds  benefit water sustainability. TowelTopper.com

UGO Wear | Founded by Melanie Cole and Vicky DeRouchey

UGO Wear is the multiple-award-winning inventor and manufacturer of 100% waterproof compact electronic dry packs that float. UGOWear.com

Wondrous Crane | Founded Emily Tani-Winegarden

Wondrous Crane creates wheel-thrown pottery made to hold wonder and provide moments of bliss throughout the day.  Etsy.com/WondrousCrane

With Eyes Unlocked | Founded by Ashley Rollings

With Eyes Unlocked creates meaningful and handmade wood home decor featuring all 50 states. WithEyesUnlocked.com

More Women-Owned Businesses


TWIN CITIES TRAPEZE CENTER: A Minnesota-based trapeze school that encourages people to pursue their passions and step out of their comfort zone; founded by Katie Kimball. TwinCitiesTrapeze.com


BEAUTYCOUNTER: A Santa Monica, California-based cosmetics and skincare company offering products free of all toxic chemicals; founded by Gregg Renfrew. Beautycounter.com

BILLIE: A New York-based subscription service offering razors built for womankind, Billie is dedicated to putting an end to the pink tax; founded by Georgina Gooley. MyBillie.com

KREYÒL ESSENCE: A Florida-based social enterprise committed to creating ethical beauty products formulated especially for dry hair and skin, made with all-natural ingredients naturally harvested by farmers in Haiti; founded by Yve-Car Momperousse. KreyolEssence.com

SHEA YELEEN: A Washington, DC-based social enterprise offering shea butter products and financially empowering women in Africa by providing them with living wage jobs; founded by Rahama Wright. SheaYeleen.com

WHITE AND ELM: A Colorado-based socially responsible organic beauty company and certified B Corporation on a mission to create skincare products that are good for people and the environment; founded by Sherelle Reed. WhiteAndElm.com


THE BUSINESS WOMEN’S CIRCLE: A Minnesota-based professional development group that brings like-minded women together to talk business, leadership and life; founded by Lani Basa. TheBWC.org

THE COVEN: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based coworking space and community for women and binary individuals; founded by Alex West Steinman, Bethany Iverson, Erin Farrell and Liz Giel. TheCoven.com

LADIES WHO SHRED: An online and in-person community that builds confidence and shatters perceptions of women who participate in outdoor sports; founded by Amy Cullen. LadiesWhoShred.com

MODERNWELL: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based women’s coworking space and writing community that emphasizes wellness and balance; founded by Julie Burton. ModernWell.co

THE RIVETER: An Seattle, Washington-based coworking space built by women for everyone, with locations throughout the U.S.; founded by Ann Nelson. TheRiveter.co


AFRICA ON MY BACK: A social enterprise that brings authentic, durable and lightweight Kente-print backpacks and accessories from artisanal markets in Ghana, West Africa to the rest of world; founded by Shanette Prince. AfricaOnMyBack.com

B. RESALE: A Minnesota-based eco-fashion boutique that sells used and locally made goods to help keep clothes out of landfills and provides a safe shopping environment for all; founded by Allison Bross-White. bResale.com

BAGGU: Reusable ripstop nylon shopping bags designed to decrease single use plastic clogging up landfills and oceans; founded by Emily and Joan Sugihara. BAGGU.com

BAUBLES AND BOBBIES: A Minnesota-based social enterprise and jewelry company that aims to make women feel like a “badass goddess” while supporting the Women’s Foundation of Minnesota; founded by Ginger Neilon. BaublesandBobbies.com

BRAVE SOLES: A conscious lifestyle fashion company offering shoes and accessories handcrafted from leather and upcycled tires and providing employment opportunities for those in need. BraveSoles.life

FAIR ANITA: A social enterprise offering trendy and affordable jewelry and accessories made by talented yet marginalized women in developing countries; founded by Joy McBrien. FairAnita.com

FREELY PROJECT: A social enterprise dedicated to supporting homeless and marginalized youth in the U.S. though the sales of Freely Project tees and accessories; founded by Lizzy Madrigal. FreelyProject.com

HARPER WILDE: A try before you buy, at home bra shopping experience that removes the middle man (because why are men running the bra industry anyway?); founded by Jenna Kerner and Jane Fisher. HarperWilde.com

LADORU: A New York-based clothing brand that encourages women to transform their lives and the world around them through products that share messages of purpose, transformation and vulnerability; founded by Leanne Aranador. Ladoru.com

OCEAN AND MAIN: A Los Angeles, California-based clothing company offering beautiful limited design caftans made from recycled unused fabric and with zero water; founded by Mary Price. OceanAndMain.com

PHENOMENAL WOMAN CAMPAIGN: Statement T-shirts benefiting five women-focused organizations—the Dr. Maya Angelou Foundation, Essie for Justice, Girls Who Code, Higher Heights, National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health and Planned Parenthood; founded by Meena Harris. PhenomenalWoman.us

TOGETHER THE LABEL: A Toronto-based social enterprise empowering homeless youth by employing them to create “Together the Label” jackets and other unique products, and donating a portion of the proceeds to other initiatives that serve them; founded by Chelsea Schuringa. TogetherTheLabel.com

UNIVERSAL STANDARD: A new kind of clothing company that empowers a size 26 woman to shop in the same way as a size 6 woman—using style as her only filter; founded by Polina Veksler and Alexandra Waldman. UniversalStandard.com

URBAN UNDERCOVER: A Minnesota-based apparel company specializing in beautiful, comfortable travel wear that inspires confidence; founded by Sairey Gernes. UrbanUndercover.com

WILDFANG: A clothing company that started with the “radical” belief that a womxn has the right to wear whatever the hell she wants and be whoever the hell she wants; founded by Emma Mcilroy. Wildfang.com


ALL SQUARE: A Minnesota-based nonprofit social enterprise that cultivates leadership by investing in formerly incarcerated individuals through a restaurant and professional development institute; founded by Emily Hunt Turner. AllSquareMpls.com

BARBETTE: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based restaurant serving French brasserie food with locally and sustainably farmed ingredients; founded by Kim Bartmann. Barbette.com

THE BIRD: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based daytime restaurant serving some of the best breakfast and lunch in the city; founded by Kim Bartmann. TheBirdMpls.rocks

BOOK CLUB: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based restaurant offering California-fusion fare along with beer, wine and craft cocktails; founded by Kim Bartmann. BookClubRestaurant.com

BREAD AND PICKLE: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based summertime concession stand adjacent to the Lake Harriet Bandshell serving grass-fed burgers, sandwiches, popcorn, icecream, beer and wine; founded by Kim Bartmann. BreadAndPickle.com

GIGI’S CAFE: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based bakery and cafe making everything from scratch, including ice cream, sherbet and sorbet in the summer; founded by Kim Bartmann. GigisUptown.com

LÄRABAR: A real-food snacks company that combines simple ingredients to create a food product that’s tasty, wholesome and convenient; founded by Lara Merriken. Larabar.com

ME & THE BEES LEMONADE: A Texas-based lemonade company that uses a portion of proceeds to fund nonprofits dedicated to bee preservation and education; founded by Mikaila Ulmer. MeAndTheBees.com

PAT’S TAP: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based gastropub featuring 18 local tap beers, craft cocktails and food that complements the beverages; founded by Kim Bartmann. PatsTap.com

RED STAG SUPPERCLUB: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based restaurant serving modern supperclub fair, classic cocktails, beer and wine; founded by Kim Bartmann. RedStagSupperclub.com

SIREN SNACKS: San Francisco, California-based snack company that creates delicious bite-sized treats using only vegan, gluten-free, and non-GMO ingredients, plus the added boost of plant-based protein; founded by sisters Elizabeth and Abby Giannussi. SirenSnacks.com

SWEET MARTHA’S COOKIE JAR: A Minnesota-based chocolate chip cookie company that thrills fair-goers at the annual Minnesota State Fair, and also offers frozen cookie dough via grocers across the state; founded by Martha Rossini Olson. SweetMarthas.com

THUMBS COOKIES: A Minnesota-based cookie company that celebrates love and family history with tiny cookies; founded by Robyn Frank. ThumbsCookies.com 

TINY DINER: A Minneapolis, Minnesota-based restaurant showcasing biointensive urban farming methods along with delicious food, beer and wine inspired by different American cities and their hometown diners; founded by Kim Bartmann. TinyDiner.com

TRAPEZE: A one-of-a-kind bubbles bar and party space next to Barbette in Minneapolis, Minnesota with a focus on sparkling wines; founded by Kim Bartmann. Barbette.com/Trapeze

TWIN SPIRITS DISTILLERY: Minneapolis, Minnesota-based distillery serving spirits made in-house with creative ingredients in cozy, industrial surroundings; founded by Michelle Winchester. TwinSpirits.us

YOGA POPS: A better-for-you snack is inspired by Ayurveda, a holistic sister science and philosophy of yoga, Yoga Pops are hand-roasted Asian water lily seeds, spiced and packaged in small batches in Minnesota; founded by Nalini Mehta and Anita Balakrishnan. YogaPops.bigcartel.com


ORANGETHEORY FITNESS: A Florida-based fitness franchise that offers science-backed, technology-tracked, coach-inspired group workouts designed to produce results from the inside out; founded by Ellen Lathan. OrangetheoryFitness.com

SUPERSTRONGCHICK: A Minnesota-based health and wellness coach who empowers women experiencing obesity-related issues to love themselves while achieving better health and wellness and discovering their best life; founded by Carrie Boe. SuperStrongChick.com

WOMEN RAISING THE BAR: A Minnesota-based online fitness coach helping busy driven women regain energy and feel strong AF in only 3 workouts a week; founded by Lindsey Beth. Instagram.com/CoachLindseyBeth

XO-ERICA: A Minnesota-based fitness coach helping moms create a strong body + mind + spirit; founded by Erica Hoese. XO-Erica.com


GIRLS ARE POWERFUL: A Minnesota-based organization that empowers girls to foster strength of character through educational workshops and special events; founded by Shawntan Howell. GirlsArePowerful.org

GIRLS WHO CODE: A New York-based organization on a mission to close the gender gap in technology and to change the image of what a programmer looks like and does. GirlsWhoCode.com

MALALA FUND: A Pennsylvania-based organization that empowers girls from Afghanistan, Brazil, India, Nigeria, Syria and Pakistan through advocacy, storytelling and entrepreneurship; founded by Shiza Shahid. Malala.org 


ALTA EVENTS/POSIES AND POISE: A Minnesota-based full-service event planning company that helps clients with everything from professional meetings and conferences to celebratory events; founded by Emmy Ross. PosiesAndPoise.com

THE CREATIVE’S COUNSEL: A Minnesota-based law firm that specializes in serving small businesses in the creative space, making legal services approach and affordable so clients can focus on creating; founded by Wynne Reece. Reece-Law.com/CreativesCounsel

COVEY EVENTS: A Minnesota-based boutique events business that partners with organizations to bring their brand and mission to life through meaningful experiences; founded by Dre Barthel. CoveyEvents.com

CULTUREBROKERS: A Minnesota-based consultancy that partners with businesses, nonprofits and government organizations to help them get immediate, measurable and valuable results from their diversity, inclusion and equity efforts; founded by Lisa Tabor. CultureBrokers.com

THE ENTREPRENISTA: A Florida-based business coach and consultant to women-owned businesses who uses her personal experiences to empower her clients; founded by Lena Graham-Morris. IAmEntreprenista.com

EVO COMMUNICATIONS: A Minnesota-based virtual firm of independent corporate communicators; founded by Amy Spencer. EvoCommunications.com

INSPIRATIONSQRD: A Minnesota-based company that supports individuals in renewing their own professional and personal growth through the rediscovery of their authentic voice, true aspirations, and story; founded by Erin Duffy. InspirationSQRD.com

KERI BISCHOFF CONSULTING: A Minnesota-based consultancy that empowers individuals and teams for innovative growth through The Gallup CliftonStrengths assessment; founded by Keri Bischoff. KeriBischoff.com

LEBENS ADVISORY GROUP: A Minnesota-based HR management and financial services consultancy that specializes in creating and managing customized employee benefit packages for small to mid-sized businesses; founded by Sara Lebens. LebensAdvisoryGroup.com

LINX WORKFORCE INNOVATIONS: A Minnesota based company that helps organizations improve their employee experience to attract and retain top talent; founded by Marilyn Weiss and Cindy Blackstock. LINXWorkForce.com

MN BRANDS FOR GOOD: A Minnesota-based fundraising company dedicated to improving the quality of products offered through fundraisers while supporting Minnesota-based companies; founded by Andrea “AJ” Zimmer and Gina Moore. MNBrandsForGood.com

MY SOCIAL DRIVE: A Minnesota-based marketing company dedicated to helping mission-driven businesses through digital marketing and website design services; founded by Lucy Stange. MySocialDrive.com

PAM BORTON PARTNERS: A Minnesota-based consultancy that helps business leaders perform at a higher level so they can support their teams in doing the same; founded by Pam Borton. PamBortonPartners.com

PIXIE DUST, INC.: A Minnesota-based executive search firm specializing in supporting creative agencies and marketers looking for leaders who can champion new ways of thinking; founded by Laura Keller and Ashley Mehbod. PixieDustInc.com.

SARA SCHULTZ, LLC: A Minnesota-based brand designer, creative director and community builder helping business owners and brands curate ideas, create a beautiful business and captivate the perfect clients; founded by Sara Schultz. SaraSchultz.co

SIVO INSIGHTS: A Minnesota-based company that specializes in connecting directly with consumers to gain valuable insights on products and services, and transforms those findings into business solutions; founded by Marilyn Weiss and Cindy Blackstock. SIVOInsights.com

SLEEP HEALTH SPECIALISTS: A Minnesota-based consultancy that partners with business owners and corporations to educate their workforce about sleep health; founded by Sarah Moe. SleepHS.com

SHESTYLE: A Minnesota-based organization dedicated to supporting women at varying stages of career transition; founded by Tracey Pleschourt. SheStyle.co

SHIFT AND SPARK: A Minnesota-based company that helps women shift their mindsets and spark new ideas by helping them achieve their personal and professional goals; founded by Linda Heath and Kathy Engen. ShiftAndSpark.com

SIDEWALK DOG MEDIA: A Minnesota-based online directory connecting dog owners with dog-friendly restaurants, breweries, apartments, workspaces and more in the Twin Cities, Chicago, Denver and Seattle; founded by Ali Jarvis. SidewalkDog.com

STELLER HAIR COMPANY: A Minnesota-based salon that seeks to serve every person and creates an atmosphere and experience for its clients, employees and broader community; founded by Katie Steller. StellerHair.com

TWO BETTYS GREEN CLEANING SERVICE: A Minnesota-based, eco-friendly green cleaning service that services residential and small commercial clients; founded by Anna Tsantir. TwoBettysClean.com

WOMEN ON POINT: A Minnesota-based organization dedicated to professional development and networking for top-performing professional women; founded by Sara Lebens, Pam Borton and Aimee Cohen. WomenONPointLeadership.com


KITCHEN TABLE APP: An easy-to-use app that enables users to connect with friends, neighbors and newcomers and gather around the table to share food, drinks and make meaningful connections; founded by Kelly Browne. KitchenTableApp.com

ŌMCARE: A Minnesota-based health technology company focused on enabling care in the home so that seniors can age in place while maintaining optimal health and well-being; founded by Lisa Lavin. Omcare.com

PEANUT APP: An app that is connecting over 300,000 like-minded mamas and counting, and makes it easy for them to message and meet up; founded by Michelle Kennedy. Peanut-App.io

PETCHATZ: A Minnesota-based company that provides technology enabling pet owners to monitor and interact with their pets while away from home; founded by Lisa Lavin. PetChatz.com

SIDEWALK DOG MEDIA: A Minnesota-based online directory connecting dog owners with dog-friendly restaurants, breweries, apartments, workspaces and more in the Twin Cities, Chicago, Denver and Seattle; founded by Ali Jarvis. SidewalkDog.com

UNCHARTED POWER: A New York-based full-service power infrastructure technology company that builds, owns and operates power infrastructures that provide communities with clean, low-cost energy; founded by Jessica Matthews. u-pwr.co