Clarify Your WHY

Whyography Course: Clarify Your WHY
This program takes you through the process of clarifying your WHY by exploring the moments during your journey through life and work that inspired the creation of your enterprise. It illuminates the connection between your personal experiences and values, and how you are making a difference in the lives of others and in the world as an entrepreneur.
Module 1 The Stock
In this module, you'll explore how your upbringing and values have influenced your career and entrepreneurial journey.
Unit 1 The Stock
Unit 2 Your Upbringing
Unit 3 Your Values
Unit 4 Your Values in Action
Unit 5 Your Values (Top 5)
Unit 6 Upbringing and Values Summary
Module 2 The Spice
In this module, you'll learn about your personality type and unique gifts and how they have influenced your career path and the development of your business.
Unit 1 The Spice
Unit 2 Personality Assessment
Unit 3 Personality Assessment Review
Unit 4 Your Personality Traits
Unit 5 Your Personality Traits (Top 5)
Unit 6 Your Strengths
Unit 7 Your Personality and Strengths Summary
Module 3 The Simmer
In this module, you'll discover the people and experiences that have influenced your entrepreneurial journey.
Unit 1 The Simmer
Unit 2 Your Influences (Primer)
Unit 3 Your Influences as a Child/Young Adult
Unit 4 Your Influences as an Adult
Unit 5 Whyography Journey Map
Unit 6 Your WHY Detector
Unit 7 Your Tiny WHY Statement, WHY Statement and Pitch on Purpose
Unit 8 Congratulations