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Tell Me More About Your Business

Hello! It was great to connect with your during our Zoom call! As you know, my passion is helping mission-driven female founders at every stage of business (from startup to scale-up) develop and implement innovative marketing and communications strategies that get results. I have guided hundreds of brands and organizations through this process—the same process I used to grow My Founder Story to a six-figure social enterprise with an active community and email list of more than 20,000 women business owners and supporters.

My process is three phases and where you start depends on your current marketing and communications efforts:

  • Startup: Brand Recognition
  • Level-Up: Brand Preference
  • Scale-Up: Brand Loyalty

We’ll explore what each phase entails soon. The bottom line is this: I teach startup business owners the process for getting your brand recognized. Established business owners learn the process for taking your brand from recognized to revered. And I work with thriving business owners to elevate your subject matter expertise and become a go-to source in your industry. But no matter where you’re at in the process, it all begins with your WHY. So first tell me more about you and your business.

Start with Your Elevator Pitch

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