Congratulations, Sara Schultz and Rachel Seifert, Founders of The Merry Hour® and Fierce Founder Magazine $1,000 Grant Winners

It’s official! Sara Schultz and Rachel Seifert, founders of The Merry Hour, are the winners of the Fierce Founder magazine cover contest. In addition to being featured front and center on the sixth volume of the magazine, Sara and Rachel are the recipients of a $1,000 grant for their business, courtesy of BankCherokee.

Fierce Founder was designed to amplify the stories of purpose-driven female business founders, but that’s not all. 100 percent of proceeds from magazine sales benefit My Founder Story’s grant program for women-owned businesses. Since launching in 2018, we have donated more than $200,000 in grants and services to women, thanks to supporters like you and our community partners.

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