Featured Founders: Sheba Fideler and Rosie DeSimone, BIG LOViE

The Fueled by Purpose Marketplace elevates female-founded businesses that are addressing social issues and supporting a variety of causes. This week’s featured founders are Sheba Fideler and Rosie DeSimone of BIG LOViE.

When Rosie DeSimone approached her dear friend and creative guru Sheba Fideler with an idea to design the adult version of a cuddly baby blanket, she was all in. The company they co-founded, BIG LOViE, is built on the belief that humans never outgrow the need to feel cherished and adored. The lush blankets feature inspiring messages and are designed to provide the magical comfort, healing power, and innate sweetness of a baby blanket—for people of all ages.

From the start, these business partners knew they wanted to use BIG LOViE as a vehicle for giving back. Its Share the Love program donates a cozy blanket to a child in need for every blanket purchased. Through nonprofit partnerships with Miracle Babies, YouthLink and others, children in traumatic life situations receive the warmth and love of a blanket, letting them know they’re important and cared for, and giving them hope for a brighter day.

Featured Product: Guardian Angel Blanket

“Light as a whisper, plush as an angel’s wing, the premium Guardian Angel blanket offers an entirely new level of sumptuous softness—and with a heartfelt message imprinted on a super-soft vegan Ultrasuede tag, it provides a constant reminder that you are loved.”

This blanket is available in two sizes and three colors.

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Photos: BIG LOViE

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