Grant Winner

Congratulations on Winning a Micro Grant from Publish Her Story

As a grant winner, you receive:

  • A $500 micro grant for your business. Grant funds are distributed via PayPal (without fees). Please verify the email address associated with your PayPal account. Grant money is typically sent within one week of receiving your pre-interview questionnaire (more on that in a moment).
  • Mini photo shoot with Publish Her Story and BankCherokee (for Minnesota winners only). You will join Publish Her Story founder, Chris Olsen, and the president of BankCherokee, Heidi Gesell, for a mini photo shoot and official check presentation at your business location, or at ModernWell (where Publish Her Story offices).
  • A feature story for your business. Our team writes a short story about your business and entrepreneurial journey to be featured in our digital and print publications, which have an audience of more than 30,000 small business owners and supporters.

Next steps:

  1. Email our founder, Chris Olsen, to verify your email address associated with PayPal.
  2. Complete and submit the feature story pre-interview questionnaire. Once you’ve completed the form, a member of our team will be in touch.*

*Please note: The feature story questionnaire is required by our funding partners and must be completed before grant funds are released.

Feature Story Pre-Interview Questionnaire

The questionnaire begins with your elevator pitch and goes on to request additional details about your entrepreneurial journey. Start by imagining you’re in an elevator with someone you’ve never met and you have less than a minute to describe your business. Use the template as your guide and make your answers as succinct as possible.

Example: My name is Jo Jones, I’m the founder of Jo Jo’s Organic Baby Food, a business that supports busy moms and moms in need by providing affordable organic baby food so that there are no barriers to nourishing growing bodies with healthy whole food.

    MY NAME IS ... (example: Jo Jones)

    I’M THE FOUNDER OF ... (example: Jo Jo’s Organic Baby Food)

    A BUSINESS THAT SUPPORTS ... (example: busy moms and moms in need)

    BY PROVIDING ... (example: affordable organic baby food)

    SO THAT ... (example: there are no barriers to nourishing growing bodies with healthy whole food)