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Meet July Grant Winner, Jill Shlesinger, Founder of Starburst Parlor Bakery

The Fueled by Purpose micro grant winner for July is Jill Shlesinger, founder of Starburst Parlor. After 11 years as the general manager of a restaurant on the Las Vegas strip, Jill’s career came to a screeching halt during the pandemic. She did what many people did at the time—she baked. Only Jill adapted her recipes to make them keto-friendly and tested them on friends and family. When they encouraged her to start her own business, she knew she was on to something. Launched online and at popups, Starburst Parlor offers mouth-watering gluten-free and sugar-free baked goods made with fresh ingredients to support keto lifestyles. The grant will go toward Jill’s brick-and-mortar bakery, which will be opening soon! Learn more

Applications Are Now Being Accepted

Thanks to our community partner, BankCherokee, applications are now being accepted for the 2021 Fueled by Purpose micro grant program for woman-owned businesses. Each month, a number of qualifiers will be selected via random drawing. The names of the qualifiers and their businesses will be published on My Founder Story’s website and social media, and the community will have the opportunity to cast their vote for the winner.

To qualify for a Fueled by Purpose micro grant, you must be a woman business owner who is a legal resident of the United States, and 18 years of age or older. You must have a majority woman-owned (51%-100%) legally established business entity in the U.S. that is at least one year old and generates less than $100,000 in annual revenue.

Before applying, please read the Fueled by Purpose micro grant official rules and privacy policy.

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IMPORTANT: If you have already applied for a micro grant in 2021, please do not submit another application. If you meet the grant requirements, your business has the potential to be selected as a qualifier through the end of the year.

    July Grant Winner: Jill Shlesinger, Starburst Parlor