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Lindsey Froemming had recently given birth to a healthy baby girl. She had visions of going back to work, picking up where she left off with Fashion Fix, her Minnesota-based wardrobe consulting business. After all, her business was her first baby. She launched it after several friends had asked for her expertise as they headed back to work post-maternity leave or after being out of the workforce for several years. They trusted Lindsey’s fashion sense—she’d spent nearly a decade as a personal shopper and retail manager for brands like J. Crew, Gap and Loft. And for five years, Fashion Fix thrived. Lindsey was the happiest she had ever been in her career. But everything changed after her daughter arrived.

As a new mom, Lindsey felt depleted mentally and physically, and she was uncomfortable in her own skin. Helping women find styles that made them feel confident as she struggled with her own self-esteem felt disingenuous. So Lindsey decided to put the business on hold. Those feelings intensified when her son came along a year later. She adored her kids and being a mom, but she also knew doing work she loved would give her the balance she craved. A passion for Fashion Fix stirred inside of her, but she felt conflicted. Then, nine months after her son was born, something shifted.

“Today is the day,” Lindsey thought to herself. She was tired of obsessing over her weight. She struggled with gains and losses before kids, and finding clothes that made her feel good always helped her overcome it. She made a conscious effort to stop focusing on the size of her postpartum body—the body that had made two beautiful children. She decided to go back to work, make herself her first new Fashion Fix client, and document her journey on Instagram. The outcome was exactly as she hoped it would be. The community she had previously built rallied around her. New women joined the conversation, sharing their own stories. Fashion Fix had come to life again, and Lindsey did too.

These days, Lindsey manages motherhood and entrepreneurship like a boss—though she admits she doesn’t have it all figured out. One of her secrets is getting out of bed really early, which gives her a solid block of work time. That feeling of productivity first thing in the morning is important and sets the tone for her whole day. It allows her to be fully present for her kids—who are now 2 and 4 years old—when they’re awake. She switches back into business owner mode when they’re asleep again in the afternoon and schedules shopping trips with clients in the early evening when her husband is home. Her other lifesaver is online scheduling.

Lindsey enjoys working with all of her clients, but moms have always held a special place in her heart. She now relates to what they’re going through on a completely different level and is uniquely qualified to help them build stylish wardrobes perfect for their bodies and wherever they’re at in their journeys. Whether they are headed back to the workforce or are stay-at-home moms, Lindsey uses tools she’s created to educate them on the best style, shape, fit and fabric for their current lifestyle. She is also super conscious about price point, so many of her consults take place at Goodwill. Her motto: Dress for value, shop for fashion, and feel great every day.

Fashion Fix’s mission is to empower women so they can live their best lives. In addition to styling and shopping services, Lindsey is fulfilling that mission by sharing the story of her own transformation in the public speaking arena, which is where she really comes alive. Powerful connections are made with other women when she shares how she has learned to love her body exactly as it is—whether a size 8 or a size 20—and to celebrate it with clothes that make her feel good and give her confidence. Lindsey envisions sharing that message with women around the globe.

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