Lindsey Ramundt, Women Raising the Bar

Lindsey Ramundt was on her way to the gym and her stomach was in knots. Just the thought of walking into the building was making her anxious. In fact, everything about the gym was terrifying for Lindsey. She had gained and lost weight over the years, which had been exacerbated more recently by pregnancy and postpartum. Losing weight this time seemed especially daunting, and when things got hard, Lindsey often gave up. It had been a pattern in her life. But on this particular day, she was determined things would be different. And then, as she thought about being judged and ridiculed at the gym, Lindsey threw up in the car.

Just a few weeks earlier, Lindsey had been looking through images on her phone. Instagram had recently launched, and she was curious about how photos of her son might look using the filters. But after she downloaded the app, rather than posting her own images, she found herself scrolling through other people’s content and checking out hashtags that seemed interesting—particularly those that included the word “transformation.” Photo after photo started to fill Lindsey’s screen with people sharing their stories about all kinds of transformations. She stumbled on an account belonging to a woman who had used weightlifting to completely transform her body.

Before that, Lindsey had never even considered weightlifting. Something was different this time. A physical transformation was appealing, but it was much more than that. In that moment, Lindsey felt a deeper desire for a total life transformation, and it was a feeling she’d never experienced before. It was strong enough to motivate her to start weightlifting, which she did, despite vomiting on the way to the gym that first day.

Little by little, weightlifting did transform Lindsey’s life. She eventually experienced a complete shift from who she’d been previously. She started doing things that were hard and she actually enjoyed it. And when one of the most difficult things she could imagine happened—her marriage ended—fitness was Lindsey’s lifeline. It was a way to take care of herself physically and mentally during an incredibly difficult time.

Lindsey ended up moving across the country from Texas to Minnesota. Now a single mom, she needed to go back to work. While she took a variety of jobs to make ends meet, a trend began to emerge in the roles she was seeking—she was gravitating toward fitness-related work. It started when an acquaintance asked for her help opening a gym and culminated with a full-time position with a wearable fitness device company, where she still works today.

While she loves all things fitness, weightlifting remains Lindsey’s passion. It inspired her to get her personal training certification and to launch Women Raising the Bar, her personal training business. She is committed to helping women become less intimidated by weightlifting and educates them on how it can help improve their overall health. She helps them achieve long-term weight loss by skipping the fad diets. Every session includes a fitness, nutrition and mindset component, because Lindsey has experienced firsthand the benefit that focusing on each of these areas has had in her own life. And her program is delivered through an app, so it’s available anytime and perfect for busy women.

Beyond helping them achieve better health with the app, Lindsey is creating a community where all women can feel empowered. Her program includes access to a private Facebook group, where she provides live trainings and tips on overcoming setbacks and helps members stay focused on their goals, all while connecting with other women. For Lindsey, weightlifting has transformed her interior even more than her exterior, and that’s exactly what she wants to do for her clients. “I want women to have that internal transformation they didn’t even know they needed, like I did.”

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