Content Contributor Opportunity

My Founder Story Is Currently Seeking Women of Color Content Contributors

Our content contributors are business founders/owners who are gifted communicators and have demonstrated a genuine interest in My Founder Story (follow us on social media, are familiar with our audience, align with our mission). If you meet these criteria and agree to the terms below, you’re encouraged to submit an article to Include “article submission” in the subject line and attach the article in a Word document. Please do not send photos, videos or links to articles already published. You may also pitch an article idea. Include “article pitch” in the subject line and outline your idea in the email. (Note: We may ask you to share writing samples.)

My Founder Story’s editorial team will review all article submissions and pitches. If a submission or pitch fits the guidelines and we choose to publish it on our site, a member of our team will contact you. My Founder Story pays contributors up to $100 per article we publish, depending on the article and how much editing is needed (up to $50 for an article you submit on your own and up to $100 for an article we hire you to write for us). You will be informed of the fee before the article is published. Once we’ve published an article you’ve submitted, you may have an opportunity to join our team of writers and receive additional writing assignments.

Our publication of your article is conditioned upon your agreement to My Founder Story’s content contributor terms:

Original content is preferred. My Founder Story doesn’t typically publish content that’s been published previously (on your own website or other websites, including social media). However, you may republish an article we published seven days after it has been posted to My Founder Story as long as you reference its original intent (e.g., “This article was written for My Founder Story”).

Article title must be relevant. To be considered for publication on My Founder Story, your article must have a title that is relevant to womxn business owners. We may request a change to the title of your article to fit our platform.

Article subject matter must be relevant. Your article must be about trending news or important information for womxn business owners. Topics of interest include:

  • Social enterprise and purpose-driven businesses
  • Personal experiences related to diversity, equity and inclusion
  • Success stories and what it took to get there
  • Failures and the lessons learned
  • Specific charity work or giveback programs
  • Expert point of view on trending topics
  • Behind-the-scenes or a-day-in-the-life stories
  • Listicle (link roundup) of a specific category of businesses, products, resources, etc.
  • Commentary on celebrity female founders
  • Predictions for the future in a specific business industry, type, etc.
  • Regular features (e.g., “Finding Female Founders” features new business owners or collaborations)
  • Latest market research (specific to womxn in business)
  • Industry secrets or truths
  • Informational how-tos

Article must showcase your expertise. If you are an expert in your industry, we encourage you to share your unique point of view. Be sure to include key takeaways based on your own opinion.

Article must meet grammar and writing style requirements. For articles on My Founder Story, common nouns, adjectives, adverbs and verbs should be lowercase. We limit the use of exclamation points (!), ellipses (…), slashes (/) and ampersands (&) in articles. My Founder Story follows Associated Press (AP) style for its editorial guidelines. Content submitted should follow this style. For more information, check out this AP Style Cheat Sheet. We reserve the right to edit your submission for content, grammar, readability and style and to remove broken or irrelevant links. If significant editing is required to make the post useful, your article is less likely to be published.

Article must meet word count requirements. To be considered for publication on My Founder Story, articles must be between 600 and 800 words.

Article must meet conflict-of-interest guidelines. Your name and company name will be included in the article byline; your name, company name, a short bio and link to your website will be included in the footer of the article. Aside from that, your article may not mention your company by name or link to your company website or social media sites. Company news releases or articles that appear to be PR- or SEO-related will not be accepted. Articles with affiliate links will not be accepted.

Articles referencing research must include links to sources. Articles noting specific data must include at least one external link to a reputable source with respect to any research.

Submission of an article does not guarantee publication. My Founder Story’s editorial team will review article submissions and decide if they fit our guidelines. If we choose to publish a submission on our site, a member of the team will contact you. We do not guarantee publication of articles submitted.