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Women business owners with the ability to confidently communicate their purpose and impact are more likely to receive funding and other critical resources to ensure their success. My Founder Story’s workshops, programs and coaching provide female founders with essential tools, instruction and support.

Online WHYography Workshops: Clarify Your WHY and Develop Your Story

Online WHYography Workshops provide tools and guidance to support businesswomen like you in clarifying your WHY and developing your professional brand story. Work through our online programs on your own, with the WHYography Workbook, or with the guidance of one of our experienced coaches.

WHYography® Workshop: Clarify Your WHY

Make the connection between your personal experiences and values and how you are making a difference in the lives of others and in the world with your business.

  • Upbringing and Values: Explore how your past has shaped the person you are today.
  • Personality and Strengths: Consider the role your innate characteristics have played in your life.
  • People and Events: Reflect on the individuals and experiences that have influenced your path.

WHYography® Workshop: Develop Your Story

Boldly bring your WHY to the world in a WHYography—a powerful short story that communicates your purpose. It’s foundational to your values-driven business and brand.

  • The Brain on Stories: Learn the impact of storytelling on the brain and how to connect with audiences.
  • Storytelling Structure: Discover a proven process for developing your values-driven brand story.
  • Tools for Publishing: Learn simple steps for preparing your story to share with the world.

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