Paying It Forward: Whyography Workshop Admission Just $20, Thanks to Generous Gift

Empowered women empower women! Though she has asked to remain anonymous, she is the true definition of a fierce founder. She attended a Whyography Workshop, was a featured founder, and has now made a donation so more women will have access to the program, which she describes as an essential for women business owners. Thanks to her, the June 27 workshop is just $20 for admission.

Whyography Workshop: Clarify Your WHY helps you make the connection between your personal experiences and values, and how you are making a difference in the lives of others and in the world with your business. Hear from Steller Hair Company founder Katie Steller and learn how leading a purpose-driven businesses has been a game-changer for her.

This workshop is a primer to Whyography Workshops: Develop Your Story and Communicate with Confidence. In the second workshop, you’ll boldly bring your WHY to the world in a Whyography. A Whyography is not a basic business bio—far from it. Rather than a list of jobs and accomplishments, it’s a powerful short story that communicates your purpose. It’s foundational to your business and your brand.

Communicate with Confidence provides you with tools and guidance to overcome uncertainty, practice communicating your purpose with confidence, and make your purpose part of your brand. It’s the key to attracting others who are aligned with your WHY—investors, customers and employees. This session includes the framework for building a communications plan that incorporates your WHY.

Don’t delay! The workshops are limited to 20 participants each. Register here.

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