Boldly Bring Your WHY to the World

Incorporating your WHY into your company’s brand strategies and confidently sharing it with the world are the keys to attracting others who are aligned with your purpose. The My Founder Story team has devoted our careers to connecting individuals and organizations using the power of words, images and experiences. We work closely with founders like you to develop your brand story, crafting memorable copy and bold visuals that engage audiences, influence decisions, inspire communities and ignite action.

Branding Services: Your Brand on WHY

Your founder story is the starting point for your company’s communications strategies. Whether you’re just beginning to build your brand or are in need of a refresh to better reflect your WHY, we’ve got you covered. We specialize in creating and breathing new life into logos, websites, social media pages, presentations, pitch decks and other marketing collateral to elevate who you are as the biggest ambassador of your brand.

My Founder Story supported SuperStrongChick with a brand refresh to better communicate Coach Carrie Boe’s WHY.

Communications Services: Content That Reflects Your WHY

As the founder of your company, sharing your true and powerful voice is essential for attracting others who are aligned with your WHY. That doesn’t necessarily mean you’re handling the nitty-gritty of company communications, but your voice must be reflected in the content shared on your website, social media and other marketing collateral. Our team works closely with you to get the messages just right and specializes in developing visuals to take your brand to the next level.

My Founder Story supported Women’s Entrepreneurship Day Minnesota and ambassador Laura Keller in developing purpose-driven content for its annual event.

Consulting Services: Communicate Your WHY with Confidence

Female founders receive significantly less funding and resources, often because of an inability to confidently state their business purpose and the impact they are making or intend to make. Whether you’re speaking to large audiences, or pitching to a room full of investors, My Founder Story provides tools and guidance for women business owners to overcome uncertainty and communicate your purpose with confidence.

My Founder Story provided coaching and support for Grace Gear founder Karla Heeter to confidently communicate her WHY.

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