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My name is Chris Olsen and I am the founder of My Founder Story, a business that was started in 2018 to serve purpose-driven female business founders, and is dedicated to ensuring their entrepreneurial success. My mission is fulfilled through workshops, community-building, and publications. I am dedicated to this mission because women receive only 16 percent of small business bank loans and 3 percent of venture capital; on average, they receive smaller investments and less favorable terms than men. My inspiration for the business came while teaching at a non-profit women’s economic development center. As I watched women struggle to articulate their story during a business pitch event, I knew it could be detrimental to their success. I’d read reports that confirmed women who confidently communicate their business purpose and impact are more likely to receive funding and other critical resources, and I wanted to help. Since its launch, My Founder Story has supported more than 1,000 female founders in writing and sharing their stories, and donated more than $200,000 in grants and services to help them do so.

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