Tell Your Story

Whyography Course: Write Your Story
This online program builds on the meaningful work you completed in Part 1 exploring the inspiration for the creation of your enterprise. It guides you through the process of sharing your WHY in a Whyography—a short story designed to articulate and elevate your purpose. Your Whyography is an essential tool for leveraging your business with potential investors, partners, supporters, customers, the world. It is foundational to your brand and core to your organization’s DNA.
Module 1 Your Brain on Stories
In this module, you'll discover the impact of storytelling on the brain and how to use it in your Whyography.
Unit 1 Your Brain on Stories
Unit 2 Your Brain on Stories Pop Quiz
Module 2 The Sauce
In this module, you'll learn a proven storytelling formula to constuct your Whyography.
Unit 1 The Sauce
Unit 2 Whyography Framework
Unit 3 Whyography SFD
Unit 4 Whyography Second Draft
Unit 5 Whyography Next Draft
Module 3 The Supper
In this module, you'll learn the editing process and edit your Whyography.
Unit 1 The Supper
Unit 2 What You Bring to the Table (Editing)
Unit 3 Setting the Table (Pre-Proofreading)
Unit 4 Setting the Table (Proofreading)
Unit 5 Setting the Table (Post-Proofreading)
Unit 6 Congratulations