Virtual Whyography Workshops Kick Off in September

Whyography Workshops are back! And now they’re virtual! Because the feedback we’ve heard most about Whyography Workshops is that participants value the opportunity to share and build relationships with other women business owners, our team has worked really hard to ensure these workshops are interactive. They’re not one-sided webinars where instructors simply present information for an hour. You’ll have a chance to connect with other female founders and work through the activities together.

There are three 60-minute Zoom workshops to choose from that cover today’s most relevant topics for purpose-driven business founders—“Your Values in Action,” “What Fuels Your Purpose?” and “Your Purpose-Driven Brand Story.”

Virtual Whyography Workshop: Your Values in Action

More than ever, consumers are supporting brands, companies and founders that align with their values—and even boycotting those that don’t. Explore the values and strengths that are central to who you are and if and how they show up in your life and business. This 60-minute live Zoom workshop features interactive instruction and group discussion.

  • WHY Detector™: Discover if and how you’re putting your values into action in your business.
  • Fueled by Purpose Planner™: Get tools and tips for integrating your values into your brand.

Virtual Whyography Workshop: What Fuels Your Purpose?

In these uncertain times, Americans are rethinking how they want to contribute to the workforce and seeking out opportunities that offer a sense of purpose. Explore the intersection of your values, strengths and experiences to clarify your WHY. This 60-minute live Zoom workshop features interactive instruction and group discussion.

  • Pitch on Purpose™: Discover how to communicate your business purpose and impact with confidence.
  • WHY Statement: Develop your mantra for a purpose-driven business and life.

Virtual Whyography Workshop: Your Purpose-Driven Brand Story

A basic business bio doesn’t honor your journey or what it took to get where you are today. It’s all stats and no story. It’s focused on your WHAT and not your WHY. This workshop will help you discover the benefits and framework for creating your Whyography. This 60-minute live Zoom workshop features interactive instruction and group discussion.

  • The Brain on Stories: Discover the principles of storytelling to build a genuine connection with your audience.
  • Storytelling Framework: Get tools and tips for developing your purpose-driven brand story and confidently sharing it with the world.

Registration is $39 and members receive $10 off admission with the code MEMBER. For more information and to register, visit the Virtual Workshops page.

Photo: Kylee and Christian Creative

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