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It was bonus day at Emmy Ross’ job and she was beyond excited. She’d worked harder than ever over the past year, traveling around the world organizing conferences, trade shows and big meetings for the company. The frenetic pace and long stretches of time away from home were taking a toll on her physically and emotionally, but it was performance review day and she was certain her hard work was going to pay off. As she tore open the envelope and unfolded the paper inside, she was shocked by what she saw.

While her colleagues were all celebrating their bonuses or raises for the year, Emmy sat in stunned silence. Her letter contained a message stating the company was hiring more staff because the workload she’d taken on to help the company grow had surpassed her ability to do it alone. Not only that, but her pay was being cut to help cover the costs of an additional person. It felt more like punishment than an acknowledgement of the incredible job she’d been doing. She packed up her things and left the job that day.

It may not have seemed like it at the time, but it ended up being the greatest bonus Emmy had ever received, because it pushed her to finally launch her own full-time business. Emmy’s passion for event planning had been evident for years—she was the person in her group of friends who did all the planning, and she was known for her list-making and eye for detail. She’d had her own event-planning side hustle since right after college and often thought about starting her own company, but she hadn’t taken the leap yet.

Today, Emmy and her team have developed Emmy Events into two separate businesses—Alta Events Company, which is dedicated to creating topnotch events for corporations and nonprofits, and Posies and Poise, which specializes in planning memorable weddings. Regardless of size, type, or audience of the event, Emmy thrives on “being in the moment” and creating experiences everyone enjoys. Her lifelong love of organization and bringing people together gets put to good use every day.

Emmy is also working on growing her team, in order to help more clients and to create more meaningful events. She is in the process of evolving her brand to more clearly articulate what clients get when they work with her. She’s even considering purchasing an event space of her own, where she can play a much larger role in making her clients’ dream moments a reality—and in making her dream job even better.

For more information about Emmy’s business, visit EmmyEvents.com.

Photo: Emmy Events

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