Workshops, Programs and Coaching

Womxn business owners with the ability to confidently communicate their purpose and impact are more likely to receive funding and other critical resources to ensure their success. My Founder Story’s workshops, programs and coaching provide fierce founders with essential tools, instruction and support.

Clarify Your WHY

Make the connection between your personal experiences and values and how you are making a difference in the lives of others and in the world with your business.

Learn about online programs and virtual workshops.

Develop Your Story

Boldly bring your WHY to the world in a Whyography—a powerful short story that communicates your purpose. It’s foundational to your values-driven business and brand.

Learn about online programs and virtual workshops.

Write Your Business Memoir

Take your Whyography a step further as a business memoir. It’s a powerful tool for elevating your purpose-driven business and amplifying your voice.

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Publish Your Book

Publish the print and Kindle versions of your business memoir for selling on and via your own platforms. It’s a highly effective way to highlight your subject matter expertise and elevate your business.

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One-on-One Coaching

Work with a coach to amplify your strengths and break through barriers that may be holding you back.  One-on-one coaching provides individualized support working through the Whyography process.

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