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My Founder Story is a social enterprise supporting female founders in communicating their purpose and impact with confidence.


Every week through June, My Founder Story is awarding a $500 grant to a female-founded small business in need.


Tools and guidance for female founders to clarify and communicate your purpose and impact with confidence.


Powerful stories amplifying the voices and highlighting the journeys of female founders fueled by purpose.


An empowered community of purpose-driven female founders and champions dedicated to changing the world.

Female Founders Are Fueling the U.S. Economy

In 2018, there were:

12.3 million
women-owned businesses in the United States
9.2 million
workers employed by women-owned businesses
$1.8 trillion
in revenue contributed by women-owned businesses

Female Founders Are Being Denied Critical Resources to Launch and Grow Small Businesses

Despite their contributions, female founders received only 16 percent of small business bank loans and 3 percent of venture capital. On average, they received smaller investments and less favorable terms than men. My Founder Story is on a mission to disrupt the status quo.

Female Founders Fueled by Purpose Have a Distinct Advantage

Women who confidently communicate their business purpose and impact are more likely to receive funding and other critical resources to ensure success. My Founder Story provides tools and guidance for female founders like you to clarify and communicate your purpose with confidence.

Workshops, Programs and Coaching for Female Founders Fueled by Purpose

Clarify Your WHY

Make the connection between your personal experiences and values and how you are making a difference in the lives of others and in the world with your business. LEARN MORE

Develop Your Story

Boldly bring your WHY to the world in a WHYography—a powerful short story that communicates your purpose. It’s foundational to your values-driven business and brand. LEARN MORE

Communicate with Confidence

Practice communicating your purpose with confidence, overcome uncertainty and make your purpose part of your brand strategy. It’s key to your success. LEARN MORE

Build Your Brand on Purpose

Brands like Beautycounter, Eileen Fisher, LÄRABAR and Wildfang were each built around a clearly defined mission, which was rooted in the founder’s WHY. My Founder Story works closely with female-founded purpose-driven businesses to clarify their WHY and communicate it in their brand stories, crafting memorable copy and bold visuals that engage audiences, influence decisions, inspire communities and ignite action.

Purpose-Driven Brands …

Yield a greater return on investment and outperform the stock market.

Are supported and recommended by consumers who share your values.

Attract topnotch employees who are more engaged, more satisfied and more likely to succeed.

We’re Building an Empowered Community of Female Founders Fueled by Purpose

More Than $200,000 in Grants and Services Have Been Awarded to My Founder Community Members

My Founder Community is a collective of more than 4,000 female founders and supporters. Membership is free and members receive great perks. In addition to the opportunity to be featured, members qualify for grants and receive access to discounted and free workshops, events, coaching and other resources.

What My Founder Community Members Are Saying …